Many people want to get a lean body and stay fit,We all dream of having a good physique but many people think that without going to gym it is impossible,but it is not the case in this blog I will be sharing with you the ultimate guide to get a great  physique and lose your excess fat. You only need to invest 15 minutes daily to see the results and the tips i will discus will be for both man and women.

First is start jumping rope i am saying jumping rope and not indoor cycling because jumping rope will not only work for your lower body but also help build good posture and work  on your major muscle of your upper body. And the more interesting fact is that it will save lot of your time because jumping rope burn around 124 calories in 10 minutes, where else cycling burns around 66 calories in 10 minutes and that make a huge difference in 1 month. That being said drink more water throughout the day let me make it clear that you do not need to drink a huge amount of water if you work in a office then if you drink a huge amount of water you have to urinate frequently,So if you work at office then just try to keep your urine white so that you can avoid dehydration. If you have a very bad diet because of your office timings then consider taking more fibers in your diet and if you cant include fiber in your diet try taking a fiber supplement you need to ask a doctor before taking but it will fulfill your daily fiber requirement. If you can afford you can add multivitamin multimineral,omega 3 fatty acid what this will do is omega 3 fatty acid is very helpful for heart as omega 3 controls cholesterol. Next try to wake up early this will help you to keep your mind fresh and you will feel energize but maximize your sleep to full 8 hours and keep your sleeping environment dark,because science has proven that human can sleep better in dark.Next is eating calories it may sound crazy but you need to eat some calories for healthy function of your body because what will happen is when you will burn calorie you will need to consume atleast 60% of the calorie you burn this way you will make sure that your body function properly. you  can also peform some free hand yoga and excersise you don't need to lift weight to get lean muscle. Try adding a protein supplement if you can afford but again see that you protein is sugar free,if you can adjust try to avoid sugar as m,uch as you can this will keep you out of the danger of diabetes.

If you follow these steps then you will see a good result within one month and you will save lot of your time. if you have more time then you can perform yoga and some some free hand excercise like push ups,pull ups,chin ups,etc. I hope this tips help you and if they did then plz share this to your friends.  

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